Nicaragua: The Top Places to Explore on a Catamaran

Nicaragua: The Top Places to Explore on a Catamaran

Dec 27, 2021

Places to Explore on Catamaran in Nicaragua

Sailing on a catamaran is so much fun! Because the deck space is much larger, they are ideal for weddings, parties, and more. You can dance, enjoy a Shiatsu massage, or relax while you eat ceviche in the sun! The fact that we’re on a wide, spacious boat (a catamaran) makes nearly anything possible on deck. While being on the boat is sure to be a blast, that’s not all there is to love about booking a ride on a catamaran in Nicaragua, of course. You should be just as excited about your destination!

Nicaragua is home to some of the best shorelines, islands, and beaches in the entire world. When you choose Esmeralda Sailing for your catamaran excursion, you have your choice of several amazing destinations. Are you ready to explore some of the top spots in Nicaragua? Great! Here’s a quick list of our top recommendations:

#1. San Juan del Sur

By far, one of the top spots in this area is San Juan del Sur. That is where our catamaran docks and, therefore, where you will leave from. San Juan del Sur is known for a string of nearby Pacific beaches such as Isla Anciana, Playa Blanca, Brasilito, Playa Trebol, Maderas, Marsella, and others, as well as being currently considered the “Mecca of Surfing.” Why not enjoy the area before you leave? This town is nothing short of a true gem, a magnet for surfers, sunbathers, and anyone who enjoys the nightlife. That’s right- San Juan del Sur doesn’t go to bed when the sun goes down! At night, the beach pulses with activity, thanks to a few popular beachfront bars and nightclubs. While surfing and fishing are its main draws, there are plenty more activities to choose from. Go shopping, eat fresh seafood, and even go horseback riding on the beach.

#2. Playa Brasilito

The beautiful coastline is by far the main attraction in Playa Brasilito. It is over a mile of fresh, unspoiled sand. It is incredibly scenic. This area has an outcropping of rocks and a few small islands in the distance that is nothing short of picturesque. Playa Brasilito is also an awesome place to watch the sunset- perfect for a wedding or photoshoot! Playa Brasilito is known for an incredible showing of large-scale turtles hatchings that you don’t want to miss if you visit at the right time. 

#3. Playa Trébol

Playa Trébol is named after the shape of three beaches that form a clover from an overhead view. This clover shape creates gorgeous inlets filled with fish, crabs, and warm water. If you’re looking for a safe, calm spot for your family to enjoy- this is it! 

#4. Isla Anciana

Isla Anciana is known for the biodiversity of tropical birds in the area. The extraordinarily diverse topography is only the beginning of what you’ll love about this beach! Imagine blue waters, lush landscaping, colorful fish, and the sun high overhead. When you close your eyes and picture a tropical paradise, you’re imagining Isla Anciana.

#5. Playa Blanca

This truly amazing destination is named for the color of its sand, as it is one of the few beaches in the Pacific with white sand and crystal clear water. In Spanish, it literally means “white beach.” This is a place you’re certainly going to want to see while in Nicaragua! 

How will you ever decide? Perhaps the easiest way to decide where you should go is to first decide how long you want to be gone and select a destination that fits into this time frame. We offer both half and full-day excursions. That being said, we can also add extra hours to your trip. This is just one way we make the experience completely customized to your wants and needs! We encourage you to read our packages and available add-ons for more ways we cater to you.

When you decide to go on a boat, the entire world opens up to you. Esmeralda Sailing’s large, modern catamaran boat is so comfortable and spacious, that you’ll have no problem spending many hours on board traveling to exotic and tropical destinations, like Playa Trébol, Isla Anciana, Playa Blanca, or Playa Brasilito

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