4 Water Activities to Enjoy on Your Catamaran Yacht Charter Vacation

4 Water Activities to Enjoy on Your Catamaran Yacht Charter Vacation

Mar 31, 2022

Places to Explore on Catamaran in Nicaragua

There’s so much to love about a catamaran yacht charter. Don’t think of this as simply spending time on a boat. When you book a trip on the Esmeralda, you’re also getting fishing gear, binoculars, towels, beach balls, boogie boards, life vests, and so much more. In fact, many of our guests don’t need to bring much with them at all!

Ways to Enjoy Your Hours on a Catamaran Yacht Charter

Because of the way catamarans are built over two hulls instead of one, there’s more deck space than with a traditional, monohull sailboat. You and your group will have all the room you need to lay in the sun, drink white wine, eat ceviche, dance to your favorite music, do yoga, play games, and more. 

There are so many water sports and activities you can do while you travel via catamaran yacht charter! Here are only a few of the things you can do while on board the Esmeralda:

#1 Swimming

There’s something about the stunning blue Pacific Ocean that just makes you want to jump in. Go ahead! As long as you have your swimsuit and sunblock on, the Esmeralda provides anything and everything else you could possibly need. This includes paddle boards, boogie boards, snorkel gear, and towels for afterwards. For a small additional fee, we can provide an hour of surf or paddle board lessons.

#2 Whale and Dolphin Watching

Nicaragua is a popular ecotourism destination for nature lovers because of our extensive biodiversity and spectacular scenery. There are three species of whales found in Nicaraguan waters. You could see the Blue Whale, Blainville’s Beaked Whale, and a Pygmy Beaked Whale. The Orca is generally thought of as a whale, but it is technically a marine dolphin. This is also the case with the Pygmy Killer Whale. Both of these are also found along the coastlines of Nicaragua. Members of the marine dolphin family found in Nicaragua’s waters include the Costero, Rough-toothed Dolphin, Clymene Dolphin, Atlantic Spotted Dolphin, Spinner Dolphin, and Common Dolphin. We provide you with binoculars to see them in person. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget!

#3 Volleyball

Want to get active? We provide plenty of balls to play a variety of games, from simply hitting a beach ball around to a full-on game of volleyball. There’s something about the sunshine and fresh air that makes everything so much more fun, even tossing a ball back and forth.

#4 Fishing

If you saw all of the dolphins and whales mentioned above and thought, “Wow! The oceans must be teeming with life!” then you are absolutely right. Nicaragua is known for some of the best fishing in the world. Fishing gear is included in your package, and thanks to our catamaran’s smooth sailing style you can fish the entire time we’re en route. 

San Juan del Sur is a small seaside community that’s full of fishermen. This is where we depart from. It takes several hours to go from San Juan del Sur to your chosen destination. What better way to spend the time than taking part in world-class sport fishing? While you can’t catch a Blue Whale, you can certainly try to reel in a blue marlin or sailfish

Book The Esmeralda As Your Catamaran Yacht Charter

It’s hard to imagine a better way to spend your holiday. Get off dry land and enjoy some time in the salty sea air, surrounded by blue skies and even bluer water. Once you look into this option further, it will be easy to see why the Esmeralda is so popular! 

The only thing left to do is book your Nicaragua catamaran excursion. We offer mid- and full-day itineraries, plus multiple destination options. Whether you want to watch for whales, go fishing, or learn to paddle board- you can do it all!

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