Benefits of a Catamaran: What Accommodations Does it Have?

Whether going on a day cruise or sailing through islands or different points, a catamaran is a great option. Catamarans count with all the necessary commodities that you need for your trip, the only thing you need to worry about what to bring.

But you might be wondering, “Do catamarans have toilets?” The short answer is yes, they do. Whether it’s a power cat, a catamaran ferry, your friend’s weekend sailboat, or a charter sailboat, almost all Catamarans have marine toilets on board.

Catamarans generally have accommodation for many rooms, or cabins in boat vocabulary, because they are quite huge and expansive. This implies that at least one space will be devoted to personal grooming, such as using the toilet.

Does Catamarans Have Bathrooms?

As mentioned before, most catamarans have toilets for you to use on your trip. Most modern boats now have onboard restrooms, whether they’re luxury catamarans or friends’ getaway sailboats. At Esmeralda Catamaran Lagoon 39, we have four restrooms to accommodate large groups of people and make long trips.

A few small catamarans under 20 feet and beach cats are the outliers for this rule. A portable toilet is still common on small vessels.

What Types of Toilets Might You Find?

inside of a catamaran bathroom

Even though there is a toilet, you should know that boat toilets differ from those you are accustomed to on land. The two main categories are electric and manual.

Manual Pump

The toilets in this location are fixed in place. It is expected that they’ll have a sewage tank that should be emptied at the port. For this toilet to flush, you’ll have to ensure you’ve connected to the flushing water supply.

Electric Head

Waste is pushed into a tank or waterways by an electric head activated by pressing a button. Electric heads are more expensive since they are more sensitive to the amount of trash they are packed with, frequently clog, and require maintenance.

Insights for Before You Sail

We advise using the restroom on land to avoid using the boat’s facilities during shorter voyages. Although marine bathrooms are often great, utilizing them while at sea can be challenging, particularly in severe weather and rough seas. Also, if you suffer from sea sickness, even though catamarans are stable, we recommend bringing some medicine.

Other Commodities

onboard catering

The Must-Haves

The catamaran has four nice bedrooms, a kitchen, a cozy lounge, a deck lounge, and entertainment options for guests. It aims to create a memorable experience for everyone on board. It aims to provide a memorable experience for everyone on board.

Onboard Catering

Savor the exquisite tastes of Nicaragua and its breathtaking coastline. Our team presents a tailored menu for your Esmeralda event, crafted from the day’s freshest catch. Delight in vibrant options like fresh ceviche or tataki tuna alongside appetizers, spirits, and refreshing beverages. Choose from various drinks, including lemonade, sodas, wine, Prosecco, water, and natural juices, all designed to enhance your experience.


Select the perfect itinerary tailored to your group’s needs. Our catamaran is designed for families, couples, and friends eager to forge a deeper connection with nature and one another. Engage in various activities, including snorkeling, paddleboarding, boogie boarding, and fishing, ensuring a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Discover Nicaragua From the Sea

A catamaran is perfect for a restful holiday because it has plenty of room, stability, and living areas—like a floating hotel. But keep in mind that a catamaran vacation doesn’t have to be expensive and is much less costly than a trip to a hotel.

The Esmeralda Sailing Catamaran Lagoon 39 is the perfect private charter for large groups. Visitors can enjoy entertainment, catering, four cabins, four bathrooms, a kitchen, an interior lounge, and a deck lounge on our catamaran. Get in touch with us and book a trip!

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