What Clothes Should I Wear for a Sailing Tour?

What Clothes Should I Wear for a Sailing Tour?

Jul 26, 2021

You are ready to book a sailing tour, and you are probably pretty excited about it. This is going to be a day filled with memories that last a lifetime! While we provide everything from towels to life vests to boogie boards, there is a bit of planning on your part. One big question you’ll need to answer is what to wear on the catamaran. Above all, you’ll want to ensure you stay dry and warm. Here are a few tips we recommend as experts in sailing as well as the local climate:

#1 Decide where and when you’re sailing before choosing an outfit. What to wear on a boat really depends on where you’re going. Skimming across bright blue water off the coast of Nicaragua is way different than the cold north Atlantic. That being said, even in our part of the world it’s going to be cooler than you may realize. It is going to be windy out on the water. This wind mixed with water spray usually results in a bit of a chill. As well, be sure to assess the weather conditions and forecast of the time of year you’re planning your sailing trip. While Nicaragua has gorgeous, sunny weather all year round, a sailing trip in December is still going to be about 15 degrees cooler than one in May.

#2 Wear layers. No matter when and where you’re sailing, layering is a great idea. As a quick example, it may be cool in the morning when you get going and then warm up after a few hours once we reach our destination. You’ll want a swimsuit and cover-up so you can jump into the water when taking a break at your chosen destination. On the way back, you’re wet from swimming in the ocean and cool enough to put a light jacket back on again.

#3 Bring a SPF shirt. Nicaragua is right above the equator, which means the sun’s rays here are fierce. if you’re on the water, these rays are even stronger. It’s important to keep your skin from those damaging rays. We recommend a SPF shirt to protect your arms and chest from a burn that may ruin the rest of your vacation. “Wait- won’t a long sleeve shirt be hot?” you’re thinking. No! While on a boat, sun shirts keep you actually cooler than a tank top because the sun doesn’t heat up your skin. You can easily find these shirts for men, women, and children. Keep the entire family safe from too much sun!

If you’ve never been on a catamaran before, one of the biggest questions in your mind is probably what to wear. Hopefully, this answers that question. You can book your sailing tour with peace of mind when you choose Esmeralda Sailing. If you have any other questions or concerns, we welcome them. Reach out to us and ask! We will do our best to answer anything you would like to know.

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