Why Don’t You Wear Shoes on a Yacht?

Why Don’t You Wear Shoes on a Yacht?

Sep 27, 2021

When you imagine yourself on a chartered catamaran, sailboat, or yacht, what are you wearing? The clothes you wear will have a big effect on whether you enjoy the day or not. This is true right down to your shoes. Yes, you’ll need to wear the right shoes for your rental with Esmeralda Sailing. Actually, it may be more accurate to say you don’t wear the right shoes. You don’t wear shoes on a yacht! 

Why Don’t You Wear Shoes on a Yacht?

Esmeralda is a brand new Lagoon 39. She is a catamaran and with her almost 40 feet (11.8 meters), she has four cabins, each with separate and plenty storage, a full bathroom with a shower, plus an onboard kitchen. It is fully equiped with toys and entertainment for any type of trip you have in mind.

If you take a look at our available packages, you’ll see we will gladly create a custom experience for you. If you would like to create a special event on board, do not hesitate to contact us to provide a personalized package for you. We have hosted engagement, birthdays, weddings, business events, nights on board, honeymoons, trips to other countries, diving, surfing to different destinations, and more. You can add an open bar, a DJ on board, a photographer, and floral arrangements. For an event this nice (like a wedding!) surely you must dress up, right?

First-time catamaran charterers are often unaware that they will not be able to wear their street shoes onboard the boat. This is because the decks are easily marked and damaged by high heels, dark-soled shoes, and dirt carried onboard from land. Onboard guests generally go barefoot while on the catamaran. When you’re walking on sun-warmed decks, you won’t feel out of place being barefoot. This is a true luxury experience!

It can sometimes be difficult to relax when you’re in unfamiliar surroundings. We encourage you to treat the catamaran as you would your own home. This is a simple rule to follow, as it makes the day more enjoyable for you and makes it easier on the crew as well. The Esmeralda crew want you to be as comfortable as possible, and you’ll only fully appreciate how amazing the experience is once you take a breath and totally relax. Nothing is more relaxing than being barefoot!

Our crew want you to feel at home, of course, and the boat owner will appreciate care taken with his property. This is why shoes aren’t allowed. Heels can dent the decks and black soles that leave scuff marks are a big no-no. If shoes are important to you, keep in mind that they should be soft-soled “boat shoes”. 

What if I Want to Wear Shoes?

Perhaps you feel uncomfortable being barefoot or you’re planning a big event where you don’t think bare feet will look nice in the photographs. For those who prefer to wear shoes, you do have the option to buy a new pair of flat, pale-soled shoes strictly for use onboard. Don’t wear them all over town and then onto the boat! This will drag dirt and other nasty stuff onto the deck. Remember, you’ll need to bring along nice sandals or flip-flops for shopping, dining, and exploring everything to see in your chosen destination.

Enjoying Costa Rica and Nicaragua with Esmeralda Sailing

Above all else, you’ll want to be prepared for your trip. When you book your sailing trip, you’ll want to look the part. This means a stylish wardrobe and just the right amount of preparation for an effortless sense of “day on the water” cool. You don’t show up for sailing the same way you’d dress for the beach, shopping, traveling, or anything else. Because boats like this have their own unique dress code, it’s not always easy to decide what to pack. We’re here to answer any additional questions you may have. Simply reach out to us and ask!


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