How Difficult Is Paddle Boarding in Nicaragua?

How Difficult Is Paddle Boarding in Nicaragua?

May 30, 2022

Places to Explore on Catamaran in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the best places on Earth to get away from big city life and enjoy time outdoors. While you’re here, you’ll have plenty of options! From taking a catamaran to one of the few beaches in the Pacific with white sand and crystal clear water to whale watching to sport fishing for Marlin, there are so many ways to enjoy your time in the tropical sun. 

One you may not have thought of is paddle boarding. Paddle boarding in Nicaragua is a great way to get a little Vitamin D, feel healthy, enjoy peace and quiet, and have a fun afternoon- all at the same time.

Table of Contents

  • What Is Paddle Boarding?
  • Is Paddle Boarding Difficult?
  • How to Correctly Paddle Board
  • Learn to to Paddle Board in San Juan del Sur

What Is Paddle Boarding?

Paddleboarding is a water sport in which you are propelled by a swimming motion using either a paddle or your arms while kneeling on a paddleboard or surfboard. This is done out in the open ocean. It’s a wonderful way to surf unbroken swells as you soak in the sun and salty sea air.

As you browse our packages, you’ll see that paddle boarding in Nicaragua is one of the listed activities included in your day when you book the Esmeralda. Once we arrive at your chosen destination, you’re free to use our paddle boards to paddle around the Pacific Ocean. Talk about the perfect way to spend the day!

Is Paddle Boarding Difficult?

We wouldn’t say that it is “difficult” per say, but we would say that it can be intimidating. It’s a core and arm workout; that’s for sure. This is especially true if you’re trying to learn the proper technique. Once you master the basics, you’ll be well on your way to paddling around the entire area!

How to Correctly Paddle Board

When you’re gripping the paddle, your opposite hand should be on the top paddle handle. Your inside hand should be on the shaft of the paddle with the palm facing in. All of the power in your stroke comes from paddling in front of your body. For this reason, you want to reach the tip of the paddle out as far out as you possibly can. Then, pull back with your core only until you cross your body. Then, withdraw the paddle from the water to take the next stroke.

Your arms should be pretty straight throughout the stroking process, not bending. The trick is to use your core. Think of your body alignment to the paddle like an A. Your top arm extends over your head to hold the end of the paddle, forming one side of the A. The paddle itself is the other side of the A, and your outer arm is the crossbar of the A. Keep that A formed throughout your stroke and you’ll be doing great!

When you pull the paddle out of the water at the end of your stroke, you simply drop your top hand toward the opposite side of the board and bring the paddle through the air flatly. This is done to minimize wind resistance, which will tire you out quickly. The paddle should cut through the air like a knife!

Learn to to Paddle Board in San Juan del Sur

San Juan del Sur is known for a string of nearby Pacific beaches, including Isla Anciana, Playa Blanca, Brasilito, Playa Trebol, Maderas, Marsella, and others. It is world-famous as being currently considered the “Mecca of Surfing.” It’s also an absolutely fabulous place to paddle board!

If you’re worried it sounds too difficult to learn to paddle board in San Juan del Sur, we offer paddle boarding lessons for a small upcharge. For only $50 an hour, you can be paddling around the Pacific Ocean with confidence!


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