How Will I Pass the Time on a Yacht Charter?

How Will I Pass the Time on a Yacht Charter?

Jul 26, 2021

If you take a peek at our available catamaran package options, you’ll see quite a few fantastic choices. We offer both mid-day and full-day package options. Depending on which you choose, you’ll be with us on our catamaran for either four or eight hours. Wow- eight hours on a boat sounds like a pretty long time! What will you do during all of this time offshore?

Before we go into more detail about your options for passing the time while on our yacht charter, remember that much of the time will be at your chosen destination. For example, a mid-day option of four hours includes either Playa Blanca, located an hour and 30 minutes from San Juan del Sur, or Brasilito Beach, located one hour and 45min from San Juan del Sur. With the first choice, we will have one hour on the beach for land activities or swimming, and then return to the port we left from. With choice number two, we will have 30 minutes on the beach. While this is a four hour trip, your time on the boat sailing is less. Full-day tours can go to locations further away from San Juan del Sur, meaning more time sailing as well as more time on the beach. We could go North to Gigante and visit Isla Anciana, where you can enjoy a virgin beach, Playa Redonda, where you can go down to Aqua Resort, and Gigante, where you can enjoy a local town. Our Southern route gives you the option of visiting Bolaños Island, which is the maritime border point between Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

In fact, those four or eight hours will go by quickly! There’s plenty to do while on our catamaran. One of our most popular options is to fish along the way. Our catamaran moves very slowly; this isn’t a speed boat! You can easily drop your pole in the water along the way and bring up some of the amazing fish Nicaragua is known across the world for. If fishing isn’t your style, you can also watch for whales. We provide the binoculars! Table games are also included. Since a catamaran is a very smooth ride, you can play games while you travel. If you’re looking for something a little more wild and crazy, we have a sound system that can play your favorite dance tunes. You can even opt for an upgrade and have a DJ on board! Want to chill out and realign yourself while on vacation? We have an option for yoga on board as well. You can even get a Shiatsu massage!

Of course, you can always eat and drink while on board. Food service, including fruits, ceviche, and tuna tataki, can be added to your package, as can wine. If you would like to create a special event on board, do not hesitate to contact us to provide a personalized package for you. After all, this yacht charter is all about you and what you want to do! 

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