5 Tips for Planning a Beach Trip

5 Tips for Planning a Beach Trip

Jun 17, 2021

Beach vacations are supposed to be peaceful and relaxing. That doesn’t mean you can just show up and expect a perfect day in paradise. You want to enjoy fun in the sun without any regrets. That isn’t difficult to accomplish! A few tips are all you need in order to plan the ideal beach vacation, no matter what your travel style, family, and budget entails.

#1 Set a Travel Budget

Before you run full speed ahead planning this beach vacation, it’s important to set your travel budget. Take the time to decide how much you can afford, so you can enjoy your experience as well as look back on it fondly. If you’re paying off passive credit card bills for months or years to come, it will be tough to remember your beach trip with positive emotions. Instead of having regret, plan out how much you can spend including lodging, food, and fun. A beach trip is one of the cheapest ways to vacation, so it will be simple to plan an itinerary that fits within your parameters.

#2 Decide Who’s Coming

Is this a family beach trip? Maybe you and your partner could really use some alone, adult-only time. Perhaps this is the perfect excuse to get your entire friend group together. Once you decide, choose a beach and beach activities that are well suited for the people in your group. Whether you’re traveling with your kids, your romantic partner, or a group of friends will change your plans for the day.

#3 Plan Things to Do

You want to relax, but your beach vacation should entail more than just resting! Nicaragua is an area with plenty of things to do and see, which allows families to enjoy new experiences together. Would you like to spend the day fishing, seeing whales, and playing games? Perhaps this is an adult-only trip and you’d prefer to have a DJ on board so you can drink wine and eat ceviche while you listen to music.

#4 Get in the Water

No beach trip is complete staying on the sand! When you book a day trip on a catamaran, you can also enjoy snorkeling, boogie boards, and paddle boards. Life vests and towels are included, so you don’t need to remember anything other than your swimsuit and a great attitude! 

#5 Add in Some Exploring Time

Venturing out to see new things is always an adventure. When you start your catamaran trip in San Juan del Sur, you can take a ride to Isla Anciana, Playa Redonda, and Gigante, where you can enjoy a local town. You can instead head South to Bolaños Island, Playa Brasilito, and Playa Trébol. You can enjoy an upclose visit to a beach you’ve never seen before.

Are you planning a summer vacation? If so, you are probably wondering how to make your upcoming trip a little more enjoyable and a lot little less stressful. A little planning up front can make the entire experience more fun for everyone! 

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