5 Tips for the Perfect Family Sailing Trip Vacation With Children

5 Tips for the Perfect Family Sailing Trip Vacation With Children

May 18, 2021

Now is the time to begin planning your summer. You don’t want to spend any more time cooped up at home! We recommend you think about getting out onto the water, made possible with a sailing trip vacation. What better way to spend the day than on a boat, sailing the sea and stopping at gorgeous islands? Everyone in the family will enjoy this trip idea. With this in mind, let’s look at a few ways to make this the best family vacation ever:

Tip #1. Book a catamaran, not a sailboat.

Catamarans generally provide far more space to move around on deck than what is found aboard sailboats. Their cabins, including bedrooms and bathrooms, are often more spacious too. If you have babies or small children coming along for the day, there is greater separation between the main deck and the cabins, making it easier for the kids to fall asleep at naptime.

Tip #2. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

You’re here to relax and recharge, not worry about whether everything goes absolutely perfectly. Rather than stressing about trivial things, like whether your two-year-old ate enough lunch or whether your teen is smiling big enough in the photos, focus on simply enjoying your vacation instead. You may not have control over every little thing, but you can control your attitude and mood!

Tip #3. Take time to unplug and reconnect with your loved one!

You have a lot of responsibility in life. Your job takes time from your family. A vacation is one of the rare times when you can ignore the ringing phone and overflowing inbox. Take full advantage of this golden opportunity! 

Tip #4. Have fun, but always keep safety a top priority.

While out on the water, all children must wear life jackets if they are on the deck. You can either bring your own or let Esmeralda Sailing know the size, weight, and age of your children ahead of time. This way, we can have the correct size life jackets for them on board when you arrive for your day at sea. 

Tip #5. This is a time to relax, but not a time where no rules apply.

A few simple rules that will make the day safer and more enjoyable for everyone include: 

  • Never run on the boat
  • Always hold on to the boat with at least one hand
  • Never leave the boat without permission from an adult
  • Do not go swimming alone
  • More than likely, all of these rules will come naturally to you as you keep your kids safe and happy on the boat.

You want this to be a day on the water that your family remembers for a lifetime. Esmeralda Sailing makes this possible. All that is left to do now is to book your sailing vacation!

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