How To Make the Most of a Sailing Trip Vacation

How To Make the Most of a Sailing Trip Vacation

May 18, 2021

We could all use a vacation right now! The past year has been filled with much more stress and worries than you’d care to remember. You’ve had a lot to deal with, and this is starting to weigh on your mental health. What you need is a break from it all. We recommend you book a sailing tour with Esmeralda Sailing and get out on the water! Numerous studies have proven that being around water, also known as “blue space,” is good for your mental health. Researchers report a direct effect on stress regulation, as being close to water can induce feelings of calm. It can also make you happier, reduce your stress levels, improve your quality of life, and make you more sociable. If that sounds like exactly what you need, you are not alone.

You don’t have unlimited time to vacation, though. What you need to do is make the most of your time away from the stress and rigors of daily life. A Nicaragua sailing trip is a time when you can escape the stress of your everyday life and get some much-needed downtime. While you certainly have every intention of going on a completely stress-free vacation, sometimes your long-awaited holiday leaves you feeling more frazzled and tired than when you left. If you spend your time “away from it all” constantly checking your email or frantically running from one activity to the next, you won’t come back home with the boost in mental health you deserve. With this in mind, let’s look at a few ways to make the most of your vacation time so you get the rejuvenation you need:

Tip #1 It’s impossible to do it all. Cramming as many activities and sights as possible into every day you are in Nicaragua is guaranteed to ruin any vacation. Pace yourself! Focus on experiences you would enjoy most of all, rather than checking off some “top ten attractions” to-do list. 

Tip #2 Don’t sweat the small stuff. You’re here to relax and recharge, not worry about whether your hotel room is smaller than how it appeared on the booking website. Rather than stressing about trivial things, focus on what you’d like to have happen while you’re on your vacation instead. You may not have control over cloudy weather, but you can control your attitude and mood!

Tip #3 Take time to unplug! A vacation is one of the rare times when you can ignore your calls, notifications, and overflowing inbox and actually get away with it. Take full advantage of this golden opportunity! 

Your vacation is your time to fully relax and recharge. Esmeralda Sailing makes this possible. All that is left to do now is booking your sailing vacation!

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