4 Things to know before sailing

4 Things to know before sailing

Aug 13, 2021

You are ready to book a catamaran yacht charter and get out on the wide, open seas. How exciting! Yet, if you’ve never done anything like this before there are a few things you’ll want to know first. We want you to be as happy and healthy as possible while with us out on the ocean. That is why we’re here to tell you everything you need to know before setting sail.

#1 Wear the right clothes. More than likely, it will be a lot cooler out on the water than you realize. That’s why we recommend either wearing or bringing layers. It may be cool in the morning when you get going and then warm up after a few hours once we reach our destination. You’ll want a swimsuit and cover-up so you can jump into the water when taking a break at your chosen destination. On the way back, you’ll be wet from swimming in the ocean and cool enough to put a light jacket back on again. As well, the right footwear is among the most important apparel to consider. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that boats can get slippery! Rubber-soled boat shoes and sandals that cover your toes are the best for preventing any type of injury.

#2 Sun and water apparel is a no-brainer! Sun protection and sunglasses are of the utmost importance. A full day on the water means lots of sea and sun, so be prepared to get wet and be in direct UV rays. Towels are included in your package, so you don’t need to worry about bringing those.

#3 Familiarize yourself with sailing terms. Learn your sailing vocabulary to ensure communication flow between yourself and the crew. The sides and components of a sailboat are among the most important words to understand. Facing forward, “port side” is anything to the left of the boat. “Starboard” is the opposite, anything on the right-hand side. The “bow” is the front of the boat, and the “stern” is the back. While on your trip, you won’t be asked to help navigate of course but it will make for a more complete experience to learn a few terms.

#4 Store your personal items in a waterproof bag. On a boat, it’s nearly impossible to ensure something won’t get wet at all. This is why we recommend your personal items, like a camera or passport, are kept safe in a waterproof bag, backpack, or duffle bag.

If you have any additional questions, we’re here to answer them! Do you want to add upgrades to your package? Would you like to learn more about your potential destinations? With any concerns, comments, or inquiries, please contact Esmerelda Sailing by emailing us at hola@dmfs8.sg-host.com or filling out our simple online contact form. We want to do everything and anything possible to make sure your sailing trip is the best possible!

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