Why Are Catamarans So Fast?

Why Are Catamarans So Fast?

Nov 8, 2022

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Have you ever been on a cruising catamaran and thought, “wow, this thing is fast!”? Well, there’s a good reason for that—catamarans are designed to be incredibly fast. In fact, the Lagoon 39 catamaran has a max speed of 8 knots (roughly 9.2 mph). So what makes them so speedy?

The two most important features of a cruising catamaran are safety and comfort. These boats were designed to take you on long trips out into the ocean, where speed is less crucial but enjoying your trip takes top priority! Despite its amenities, cruising catamarans can still move quickly because of their design.

A Catamaran’s Speed Comes From Its Design

Have you witnessed firsthand how effortlessly a catamaran crosses the water? It all comes down to the design: catamarans have two hulls, unlike ordinary boats, which have one. Thanks to their dual-hull design, which increases stability and reduces drag, catamarans are some of the fastest boats on the water.

Since the second hull doubles as a stabilizing mechanism and helps keep a straight course, catamarans lack a deep keel and centerboard. Since there is no keel, the boat is lighter. The hulls also tend to rise higher out of the water at higher speeds. As a result, drag is further decreased, and acceleration is easier once the vessel moves.

In addition to being faster, they are a lot of fun to ride! If you’re looking for boat rides in San Juan del Sur, don’t miss the opportunity to sail on the Esmeralda, a beautiful catamaran. You’ll be glad you did it!


Racing and Sports Catamarans Are Even Faster

As previously mentioned, sailing catamarans place more emphasis on comfort than speed. But there are even faster catamarans, such as racing and sports catamarans.

Racing catamarans have remarkably good planning abilities and extremely narrow hulls. They are made to cut through waves and frequently achieve 45 (51.8 mph) knots or higher speeds, but this number might vary depending on the conditions.

The sport catamaran is the second-fastest type of catamaran. The cabins of sports catamarans frequently provide a decent level of amenities. Essentially, they are a cross between a racer and a cruiser, making them hybrid designs. Sport catamarans have a max speed of 30 knots (34.5 mph).

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Book A Catamaran in San Juan

If you want to explore the coastline of San Juan del Sur on a fast and comfortable catamaran, be sure to book with Esmeralda. Our experienced crew will take care of you while you relax and enjoy the stunning scenery. 

Looking for a San Juan catamaran tour? At Esmeralda, we can help you plan and execute special events for business or pleasure, including guided tours and gourmet meals. We can’t wait to have you on board!

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