Everything You Need to Know About Catamarans

San Juan Del Sur is one of Nicaragua’s most popular touristic places. Being popular among foreigners and nationals, there are a lot of activities and places to visit, from different themed bars and restaurants to aquatic attractions such as surfing or, why not, spending the day on a boat or catamaran.

Catamarans allow you to spend a full day or the time required to enjoy the sea. Since sailing catamarans are like a houseboat with all the comforts you will need on board. Travel, swim, and sunbathe with friends and family on the Esmeralda catamaran yacht charter while experiencing the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. Get to know more about them and their features in this article!

What Is a Catamaran?

what is a catamaran

In simple words, a catamaran is a boat with two hulls that run parallel to one another. Sometimes, these boats are powered by sails, engines, or a combination. Catamarans are the most popular type of multi-hulled boats.

Since the catamaran has two hulls, less of it is submerged, allowing it to sail in shallower waters. As a result, catamarans are extremely popular charters in some areas of the Caribbean.

How Much Does It Cost for a Catamaran Tour?

catamaran tour packages

How much does a tour on a catamaran charter cost? There is no exact answer. The charter fee will depend on three factors:

  • How long do you want to stay, mid-day or a full day
  • Your destination
  • Whether or not you opt for an open bar

We encourage you to look on our website to find the exact day you’d like to plan and get a more accurate price for your excursion. For example, the base price for a mid-day package leaving from San Juan Del Sur that does not include drinks is $600 for around six people or less.

On the other hand, an all-inclusive package leaving from San Juan Del Sur for a full day and open bar experience costs $1,350 for six people, with an additional person being $160 each. Catamaran charters rate from $1,200 to $1,950.

We offer the possibility of creating a custom package in order to ensure you get everything you’re looking for. And if you want to create a special event on board, we have hosted engagements, birthdays, weddings, business events, honeymoons, trips to other countries, and more.

Can a Catamaran Be Sailed Solo?

Catamarans might not be easier to sail singlehandedly, but they have some advantages that make sailing safer and more enjoyable. While sailing a catamaran solo is not impossible, it does require a different set of abilities than sailing a monohull. Therefore, their speed isn’t necessarily positive as it gives you less time to avoid danger.

Sailboat Basics

Before talking about sailing, let’s look at a sailboat’s components. We’ll break them into three broad categories:

  1. Sailboat Sails: The sails harness the wind’s energy to navigate the boat forward. Most modern sailboats will have two sail sets, but the majority can accommodate a variety of specialized sails.
  2. Mast: The long, upright pole that holds the sails is known as the mast. It sits somewhat to the front of a sailboat, just off-center, and gives the vessel its distinctive shape. 
  3. Hull: The hull provides buoyancy and supports the other parts of the boat, such as the sails, mast, rigging, and others. The hull is essential to the boat’s existence, and it has different parts that make it, like the hull, keel, deck, and cabin.

Basics of Sailing a Boat

Learning how to sail a boat can be very simple, but perfecting the technique can take a few years. Sailing a boat requires a combination of technical know-how, finely polished skills, and an innate sense of the wind and the boat.

  • Learn basic sailing terms: To start sailing, you must familiarize yourself with the vocabulary and jargon associated with sailing and sailboats. Don’t stress about memorizing every single one. The more you sail, the easier it will be to learn them.
  • Points of sailing: The difference between your boat’s direction and the wind’s direction is the angle of the sail. As your boat changes direction, different angles of sail, known as points of sail, shift, and the sails must be altered to harness the wind as effectively as possible.
  • Learn knot tying: A boat has several “lines” requiring an equally large number of knots. You can control the boat if you know how to tie them. Practicing knot tying is a great way to pass the time when you are out of the water.
  • Sail trim: You can alter your sailing style by letting out and hauling in the sails. The sails should be tight or flat when sailing upwind yet bent and full to catch as much wind as possible when sailing downwind.

What to Wear on a Catamaran?

what to wear on a catamaran

New sailors sometimes struggle to decide what to bring on a catamaran day trip, making the mistake of packing more stuff than necessary. Knowing what to bring is a must for you to enjoy the ride. Let’s take a look at what you should bring:

Sunblock: Remember to bring broad-spectrum protection since you will be exposed to the sun for several hours.

Pack light clothes: Ease of movement and minimal weight are very important. The essentials to pack are your swimwear, a towel, a short or long-sleeved cotton shirt, shorts, and light dresses for women.

Shoes: Staying safe is a must, so avoid high-heels, tennis, or boots that cause you to slip on board; the right option is rubber-sole shoes, flip-flops, or sleepers.

Sailing trips are always fascinating, especially the first time you go on one. Feeling the breeze on your face, the sunlight, and seeing the beauty of nature all around you are incomparable. And now that you know what you should wear while being on a catamaran, you will have a more enjoyable experience without worry.

Are Catamarans Safe in Rough Seas and Open Water?

When you book a tour through Esmeralda Sailing, you book a trip on a luxury catamaran. This makes a huge difference when it comes to safety. By their nature, large catamarans are safe offshore.

Catamarans are very stable and have natural buoyancy, making them unsinkable. Yes, they can capsize in bad weather, but we ensure to book your trip in the right and non-risky weather. A plus with a catamaran is that you can easily move around because of its flat deck. A fall and other related issues won’t be a problem.

What Are the Advantages of a Boat Tour?

advantages of a boat sailing

Catamarans offer everything you like about sailing. Whether you want to spend just half-day or a full day, here are some benefits of booking a charter tour:

  • Catamarans have extra deck: Because catamarans are built over two hulls instead of one, there’s more deck space than a monohull sailboat. So you will have more than enough room for dancing, yoga, or playing games.
  • They’re good in rough waves: While a traditional boat may have a hard time in strong waves, you will have a smooth sailing experience with a catamaran.
  • Catamarans can navigate shallow waters: Rather than anchor far from the sand, catamarans can sail right next to the beach on the Pacific Coast.
  • Most things are included: When you book a catamaran boat trip on Esmeralda, you get a lot of add-ons such as fishing gear, binoculars, towels, boogie boards, and a life-saving vest for our guests to be comfortable.
  • You can fish while on the route: Thanks to the catamaran’s smooth sailing experience, you can enjoy fishing the entire time you are on the route. What better way to spend the time than participating in world-class sport fishing? You can catch blue marlin and sailfish if you’re lucky or skilled.

What Nautical Advantage Do Catamarans Have?

catamaran sailing tours

In recent years, catamarans have risen to prominence in Nicaragua’s tourism. Many factors, such as size, stability, and speed, contribute to this.

Catamarans have various amenities, such as a large kitchen, comfortable seating, bathroom, and cabins, since they are designed to carry more passengers than other types of cruise ships. Another advantage is that they have more stability and are faster than other sailing options because they sit lower in the water, are lightweight, and have two hulls rather than one.

Since catamarans’ structure comprises two engines, two propellers, and two rudder systems, the overall cost is reduced because of its fewer components. And with a catamaran, you can enjoy the natural beauty and wildlife while doing other activities.

Why Are Catamarans So Fast?

If you are wondering why catamarans are so fast, you must know that their speed comes from their design. Catamarans have two hulls, unlike other boats. This feature increases stability and reduces drag. That’s why catamarans are some of the fastest boats on the water.

Their second hull doubles as a stabilizing mechanism, and helps keep a straight course. Also, they don’t have a deep keel and centerboard. Not having a deep keel makes the boat lighter.

Can I Live on a Yacht?

Some people consider a yacht or boat as a good place to live. And the answer is yes, you can live on a yacht. Nowadays, these boats include the comfort of a five-star hotel but with a private approach. 

Catamarans come with a kitchen, multiple rooms, a bathroom, and plenty of room for guests. Also, the cost of living is lower compared to one living off the water but consider that your catamaran would need regular maintenance as a house or a car needs.

What Is a Catamaran Tour?

The nature of catamarans is that they are designed to relax, enjoy, and have fun; therefore, they are perfect for tours to know Nicaragua’s Pacific Coasts landscapes. The catamaran tour in San Juan Del Sur offers an amazing experience. Esmeralda Sailing provides different activities for you to enjoy with your family and friends.

Paddleboarding, boogie boarding, snorkeling, and fishing are some activities you can enjoy by booking a tour with us. And you can do all that and more while seeing the beautiful Nicaraguan coasts.

A catamaran cruise provides the best of both worlds: a chance to relax while taking in the views and sounds of the water and the assurance that you are safe on the open seas.

Do Catamarans Have Toilets?

catamaran restrooms

Catamarans generally have accommodations for every need, but you might wonder if catamarans have toilets. The short answer is yes, they have a bathroom on board. Almost all have marine toilets, whether a power cat, a catamaran ferry, your weekend sailboat, or a charter sailboat. A few small catamarans under 20 feet and beach cats are the outliers for this rule. Still common on small vessels is a portable toilet.

Modern boats now have onboard restrooms. Although marine bathrooms are often great, they can be challenging at sea. That’s why if you are only spending half of the day, we recommend using a restroom before you start your trip. At Esmeralda Sailing, we count on four restrooms to receive big groups of people and to make long trips without that worry. 

Catamaran vs. Monohull: Which to Choose?

As mentioned, catamarans consist of a two-hull boat, while a monohull has traditional vessels with one large, central hull and are typically slower than their counterparts. If you want to make a long trip, a catamaran with two hulls that provide more stability is your choice.

Monohulls are great if you are looking for a more intimate sailing experience and are simpler to operate than a catamaran. But if you plan a larger group trip, a catamaran is the best option since they are faster and provide better stability. Catamarans have much larger accommodations and living areas than a monohull.

Bottom Line

San Juan Del Sur is known for its stunning scenery and tranquil waters, making it the perfect destination for a catamaran charter trip. This mile-long beach offers beautiful views and plenty of activities on and off the water for you to make travel plans on the Pacific Coast.

The Esmeralda Lagoon 39 is designed and equipped with the latest sailing technology and safety features to fit the needs of groups of up to 12 people. So if you want to travel to Nicaragua, at Esmeralda Sailing, we offer our visitors plenty of accommodations such as four bathrooms, a deck lounge, an internal lounge, entertainment options, catering services, and more for you to enjoy a fun sailing experience with your friends and family. Contact us to book a fun trip today!

Our Sailors’ Experience

The best option in the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua 🇳🇮 give yourself a precious gift to enjoy nature with your kids and loved ones. Watch Dolphins 🐬 and Whales 🐋 Thank a great Trip Esmeralda Sailing

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Easy booking process. Great staff, the service was amazing! The catamaran is beautiful, luxury, spacious and very clean. Perfect for our group. We will definitely book it again.

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Sailing on the Esmeralda was indeed a treat to myself. Being surrounded by the most amazing hues of the turquoise water of the Emerald Coast and the views of virgin beaches on the coastline was a calming and breathtaking experience. The crew on this boat is really amazing. Friendly, good knowledge, detail oriented and service minded, they spread a very good vibe to everyone.

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I loved the boat Esmeralda, the attention of the great Maritza and of the captain of the boat. The sunset session we had was epic, thank you for your great care. Highly recommended to do it when in San Juan.

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Honestly, a potent experience that absorbs the Nature, the scenery, the incredible attention to detail within the boat. My body felt regenerated from that unforgettable afternoon on board the Esmeralda. Martiza is one of the most dynamic hostesses out there. Highly recommended, a must-do in San Juan del Sur!

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